After working with a SCF summer project, our son began to make significant gains on the social front. We received position reports about his progress from the college he was attending.

After college, nothing in the “real world” offered the same inspiration as the SCF program. He now trains others and looks forward to attending meetings.

Everyone that knew him was shocked to see the transformation. This was a child that always went along and did not believe in himself/ then, he just started blossoming when he went through the SCF program.

My son now has the confidence to interact more successfully with his neuro-typical peers and potential employers as a result of this wonderful course, and the level of his self-esteem has been raised significantly.

Your including my son as a participant and then in leadership of the program has given him a chance to see himself in a positive light and feel valued for his contribution. He is coming to accept the areas he excels alongside those more difficult for him.

As a volunteer participant in the program, the kids on the spectrum helped me learn and grow; for this, I am thankful.

I was a socially integrated volunteer in the Beyond Differences program. I wish there were more programs of the Social Communication Foundation like Inclusion all over the world; their message is something that is truly special.

The Beyond Differences program boosted my son’s confidence and expanded his knowledge “of how to function beyond high school in the real world” — by teaching him the things he could not get anywhere else in my opinion, he is ready to go onto the “next steps.”